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Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual

Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual ınDesign CS3 firmly cemented its place as the industry standard design and layout application. CS4's sleek layout, navigation tools and many

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جديد Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual

Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual

Adobe InDesign Multilingual 6823.jpg

ınDesign CS3 firmly cemented its place as the industry standard design and layout application. CS4's sleek layout, navigation tools and many new features will keep it there for years to come. Like the rest of the CS4 releases, InDesign CS4 will make you more efficient and more productive than ever before.

Live Preflight

While not as flashy as some of the new features, I believe this is the gem in this release. By catching errors and problems on the fly Live Preflight promises to save you a ton of time both at the end and the beginning of projects. I usually inspect every piece of client provided art and text before placing them into the active file. Now I can go ahead and place them, confident that this exciting new feature will catch any problems.

Additional features from Adobe:

Adobe Photoshop effects. Apply visual effects such as Drop Shadow, Glow, and Bevel And Emboss directly within InDesign. Apply effects independently to an object’s stoke, fill, and content.

Support for 3D Photoshop artwork. Place a PSD file with an embedded 3D Smart Object in your InDesign layout. Use Edit Original to update or change the angle of the 3D object in Photoshop, save and the placed PSD updates automatically.

Fine transparency controls. Adjust transparency and blending modes globally on entire objects or independently on strokes, fills, and content.

Drawing tools. Use the Pen, Pencil, Erase, Smooth, and Scissors tools to quickly create and edit simple graphics or paths in your InDesign layouts.

Free Transform tool. Resize an object on-the-fly more easily, with larger hit zones around object handles and the ability to resize along object edges.

Paragraph Composer. Automatically optimize line breaks across a paragraph.

OpenType font support. Unlock the full potential of OpenType fonts with support for multi-lingual and alternate glyphs, including old style numbers, fractions, ligatures, and swashes.

Ruler origin on the spine. Correctly place the ruler’s zero position of x at the spine of your document so that the x values are positive for right-sided pages and negative for left-sided pages when Facing Pages is enabled.

Support for Illustrator CS4 artboards. Quickly cycle through multiple artboards created in Adobe Illustrator CS4 and place any selected artboard as a native Illustrator file into your InDesign document.

Image relink. Quickly replace low-resolution placeholder images with high-resolution images based on filename, not file extension.

Multi-file placement. Speed document creation by importing multiple files at once or by dragging them from the desktop or from Adobe Bridge CS4. Preview and place files in any order within your layout.

Contact sheet placement. Quickly create a contact sheet of multiple images loaded in the Place cursor with a single click. As you drag to define the size of the contact sheet, you can use the arrow keys to control the number of rows and columns in the grid.

Proportional file placement. Drag to create a frame with the Place cursor loaded; files automatically fit to a proportionally sized frame, or according to the frame-fitting options you have chosen.

Power zoom. Use the Hand tool to zoom out by holding down the mouse button (some*times called patient user mode). Continue to hold, and you can move the zoom area indica*tor across pages. Release, and the view returns to your original zoom level in your new loca*tion. Increase or decrease the zoom percentage using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.

Edit With. Choose which application to use to edit a placed item instead of relying on the operating system’s default program for that file type.

Custom page sizes. Specify page sizes for both print and digital publications during docu*ment setup. Create small- and large-format output or design a digital document for com*mon monitor sizes.

Apple multi-touch gesture support. Use multi-touch trackpad gestures to navigate layouts and transform objects when you work on Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptops. Pinch to zoom in on objects and pages, swipe to turn pages, and rotate to rotate objects and spreads.

All-language user dictionaries. Add a custom word, name, or phrase to a user dictionary, all languages will then treat the term as correctly spelled.

Placed InDesign files. When you place one InDesign file into another, the source file remains an editable link. Now, when you initiate an edit, the linked source file opens to the exact point at which you want to make your edits, even if that source file is multipage or a complex, long document.

GREP support for nested character styles. Automatically apply character styles to text using a GREP expression defined within a paragraph style.

Nested styles enhancement. Use nested styles to dynamically apply complex character formatting to ranges of text within a paragraph. Now apply nested styles through the end of a line for even greater flexibility. Formatting keeps up with new line breaks as text is edited.

Built-in PDF print engine. Take advantage of the PDF print engine to eliminate unwanted surprises and last-minute prepress fixes in print workflows. Delay flattening transparency until the end of the production process for higher quality and greater fidelity to the design.

Adobe PDF file export. Use built-in Adobe PDF export presets—or create custom presets—to consistently and reliably prepare Adobe PDF files for electronic review or final output. Create PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, and PDF/X-5 files.

Rule-based layouts from XML. Use scripts that apply rules to automatically build page layouts and format text and graphics from XML content.

Data Merge panel. Run a data merge operation and output directly to PDF, now in a single pass, with no intermediate document created. The resulting PDF file takes advantage of PDF XObjects for static parts of the page, thereby reducing the file size.

Interactive Adobe PDF files. Author interactive PDFs by adding SWF, QuickTime, and audio files to your page layouts. Create interactive buttons, apply page transitions, and embed hyperlinks and bookmarks to create an immersive reading experience.

InDesign Markup Language (IDML). InDesign Markup Language, an XML-based file format, allows developers to programmatically assemble and disassemble InDesign docu*ments using standard XML tools and without having to open INDD files. Realize increases in performance, convenience, and flexibility when building applications based on InDesign CS4 page layouts.

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